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KCB Bank Diaspora Tour

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Jennifer (seated) of KCB Bank opening accounts at Seattle. (Standing) Joyce of KUP. Jennifer (seated) of KCB Bank opening accounts at Seattle. (Standing) Joyce of KUP.

KCB Bank Diaspora banking division will be visiting the Diaspora to advance Kenya banking services to Diaspora starting the memorial weekend. The KCB Bank representatives from both Kenya and Tanzania will look to open banking services and offer financial products to Diaspora Kenyans. Today the East Africa countries have become some of the fastest growing economies. The bankers are inviting persons working on projects to take the opportunity and learn more on the finance.

The tour that is part planned by Kenya University Project (KUP) developers who are working on developing a Diaspora University Town. The project lawyer Attorney Njoroge Kamau whose law offices are in Worcester, MA is happy the bank will be visiting. He says, "This is a great opportunity for the Bank to work with Diaspora to create jobs." A United Nations report stated that 4 out of every 10 persons (40%) in Kenya are unemployed. The tour will look to partner with Diaspora to create jobs. 

During the tour the KCB Bankers are looking to open accounts for KUP Town House Developers who have registered with the law firm of Attorney Njoroge Kamau. The bank is in the process of creating a special micro-finance product for those who shall become Town House Developers.   

KUP Town House developers will also be able to tap KCB Bank Loan advances. KCB Bank loan advances grew from Kshs 96 billion in 2009 to Kshs 353 billion by end of 2016. The projection is KCB Bank Loan advances will grow to Kshs 700 billion by 2021. 

KUP Town House developers will tap these loan advances as they develop houses and create new jobs in Kenya.   


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