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The Kshs 5 Trillion Loan Advances KUP Town House Developers Will Tap

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To be part of the Kenya University Project (KUP), one has to become a Town House property developer using the KUP Town House development system. The system is set up to have the Town House Property Developer capital input ratio of 5% or less from property developer and 95% or more from loan advances capital. The loan advances capital grew from Kshs 721 billion (2009) to about Kshs 2.5 trillion (2016). The projection is the loan advances will grow and reach Kshs 5 trillion by the end of 2021.

KUP Town House development system is set up to enable Diaspora tap into the growing Kenya credit system. From 2010 to 2016 who got loan advances to build houses for sale earned millions of shillings as they built and sold houses. 

The loan products that can make Diaspora property developers are still not yet fully developed. The KUP University Town development system that has brought together 30 PhDs, Doctors, Registered Nurses and Diaspora in diverse professionals is today a system that will enable Diaspora become Property developers and tap more of the credit capital available.  

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KUP Town House developers are further excited that a micro-finance product discussed with KCB Bank will lead to the 5% capital input broken down into two: Initial capital input of 1.25% (25%) and microfinance loan of the 3.75% (75%) to be paid in about 24 months.  

The Diaspora University Town development plan has taken over 100,000 hours of professional time and thousands of dollars in cash to create and progress to today. In two update meetings: Medical Hospital Plan meeting and University Town development meeting the PhDs, Doctors, RNs and Professionals were excited of the progress. The professionals continue to prepare to open the development of the university, town, hospital and other developments planned.   

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