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KUP - Town House Developers List to Tap KCB Bank Finance

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The Law Firm of Attorney Njoroge Kamau in Worcester, MA is working on the Kenya University Project (KUP) - Town House Developers List to tap KCB Bank finance. As June 2017 ends the law firm will have a list of Town House developers for the Town Houses of KUP- Diaspora University Town. The law firm will give the list to KCB Bank who shall provide a financial product for the developers.

The Diaspora Kenyans in this list will be able to be part of developing a town and the creation of jobs as they become town houses developers. They will be able to tap the growing Kenya loan advances. The Diaspora also contributes to the growing loan advances. Diaspora is reported to have remitted Kshs 44.7 billion in the first three months of 2017. This amount contributed to growth of bank deposits that then become loan advances.    

KCB Bank will receive the list and create loan advance products for the Town House developers. KCB Bank loan advances grew from Kshs 96 billion 2009 to Kshs 353 billion by 2016. During the next 5 years, by the end of 2021, the loan advances are expected to grow and reach Kshs 700 billion. The current projection is KUP–Town House Developers List will have tapped some of this money as loan advances are given for plots and town house products.  

Diaspora Kenyans whose names already are in the KUP Town House Developers list, are excited that the KUP system will enable them to create a second income through becoming property developers. A Town House developer in Diaspora University Town through terms set is expected to make an income of over $20,000 per each house developed and sold.    

The KUP system is set-up based on the Diaspora experience. On arrival in the U.S many Kenyans coming to Diaspora had no money. The job became the source of money and influenced the decision of where to live and the house to live in. The job enabled one get mortgage of a house and to keep paying the mortgage.    

Job creation and housing development plans are the story of the cities and towns in the U.S. The Diaspora University Town jobs plan of 20,000 jobs created as Diaspora develops Town, University, Medical hospital and SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) is the Town House development plan for those who get jobs.    

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