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Diaspora University Town Sign & 20,000 Jobs Creation

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Diaspora University Town illustration Sign Diaspora University Town illustration Sign

Millions of jobs need to be created in Kenya for the millions who are unemployed and for the millions growing to become adults as they graduate from schools and colleges. The single greatest achievement of one generation, is the creation of jobs and plans for the future for the maturing next generation. Diaspora Kenyans working on Kenya University Project (KUP) – Diaspora University are excited and looking forward to the put up the Diaspora University Town sign. They are getting ready to create of 20,000 new jobs on the land.

The Diaspora Kenyans are inspired every day by the hard work of the U.S developers that has led to an $18 trillion U.S GDP economy, over 150 million jobs created and over 20,000 developed towns and cities. Diaspora Kenyans living in the U.S are beneficiaries of the jobs, income and planned towns/cities. Through the development of Diaspora University Town the Diaspora will grow Kenya GDP, create new jobs and develop a new town.

Today the biggest loss in Kenya is the millions of unproductive or underutilized hours of young men and women. KUP System is set up to tap this human resource and make it productive so as to benefit these young men and women with jobs and new settlement. 

The KUP system is also set to tap the Diaspora Capital that is part of the money that is growing Kenya Banks Deposits and Loan Advances. In 2009 KCB Bank Loan Advances were Kshs 96 billion. In 2016 the Loan Advances were Kshs 353 billion, a growth of over Kshs 250 billion. During the same period (2010 – 2016) Diaspora total remittances were about Kshs 800 billion and contributed to the growth of Loan Advances.  

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) report of January 2017 to March 2017 has Diaspora remittances at Kshs 44.7 billion in first 3 months of 2017. In the 60 month period (2017- 2021) Diaspora remittances are projected to total Kshs 1 trillion and contribute to the growth of Kenya Banks Loan Advances by about Kshs 800 billion. 

The Diaspora University Town developers look to tap the Loan Advances as they create jobs, develop property and a town. The developers look to make a second source of income by becoming property developers. Town House developers for Diaspora University Town are registered by the Law offices of Attorney Njoroge Kamau so as to these loan advances.  

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