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Work Income & Property Developer Income

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Growing income through becoming KUP Property Developer. Growing income through becoming KUP Property Developer.

Warren Buffet is quoted saying, “If you do not find a way to make money when you are asleep, then you shall work for the rest of your life.” This quote is today used to inspire many to find a second way to make money. Kenya University Project (KUP) Property Developer System is a ready second way. For a Diaspora Kenyan to use the KUP system they need to sign a KUP document that opens a property developer file at the Law firm of Attorney Njoroge Kamau and a KCB Bank account Diaspora banking.

KUP-Property Developer System is set to enable persons make more income as they develop housing so as to meet the needs of the Kenya population. In the next 10 years a Kenyan in KUP can grow their income by about $500,000 based on the plan they chose. KUP system enables one to meet Warren Buffet's words, “… find a way to make income when you are asleep.” Indeed, housing construction will be done when one is asleep in the U.S.

Today a Diaspora Kenyan is making more money as work income than a friend in Kenya. The Diaspora Kenyan is, however, wondering why the friend in Kenya who makes 50% lesser income is doing better. The answer is the friend maybe making more income through other sources of income like property development.    

Kenya requires 5 million units of housing development in the next 10 years in order for the current shortage to be met as well as to meet the demand of housing as the population increases by over 1 million persons every year. If the average income to be made from the development cost mark-up is $10,000, then there is a $50 billion developer income opportunity.  

To understand housing development and developer income Kenya opportunity one can look at the U.S development. At the end of the year 2016, there were about 135 million housing units built to house the 320 million U.S population. The total value of these 135 million housing property is estimated at $29 trillion. This means the average housing unit is valued at $219,000. If 10 million houses were developed in the last 10 years and the average developer income was $50,000 from the $219,000 market value, then a total of $500 billion developer’s income was made in last 10 years.  

Of the 135.5 million housing units produced in U.S 2016, 75.5 million houses were occupied by the owners and 60 million rented out. If the average rent per month was about $1,500, the 60 million units make about $90 billion rent income per month a total of $1.08 trillion in a year.

KUP system is set-up to enable a Diaspora Kenyan develop about 50 houses in the next 10 years, sell 45 units and own 5 units valued at about $500,000. By doing so one will have made a Property Developer Income of $500,000. The 5 units could be making $50,000 a year. At this point you will be making money when asleep and shall not work for the rest of your life.

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