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Entrepreneurs, Founders & Developers Kick-Off Diaspora University Town Development

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Some of the KUP Entrepreneurs, Founders and Developers. Some of the KUP Entrepreneurs, Founders and Developers.

University Founders, Town Developers and Entrepreneurs, working in diverse Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), have kicked off the development of the Kenya University Project - Diaspora University Town. The entrepreneurs, founders and developers have and continue to establish 5 year development contracts and agreements at the Law Firm of Attorney Njoroge Kamau. The collective contracts and agreements are currently progressing the development of the Diaspora University Town - 5 year development plan to produce a University Town with a University, Hospital, Industries, Residential Town Houses, Tourist Hotels as well as 500 Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by 2022.

As the Diaspora University Town - 5 Year development plan progresses the plan will create 20,000 new jobs and achieve a Town settlement of 30,000 residents with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of about Kshs 20 billion. Most of the Diaspora working on the project have started planning on the relocation back to Kenya and to the site where they shall execute their contracts. 

Rose Ndiritu, who lived in the Diaspora and is currently working for the project in Kenya says, “I can’t wait to have more Diaspora come to work in the development of the Diaspora University Town in Kenya.” Rose is currently splitting her time in Nairobi and Taita Taveta as she continues to progress the project in Kenya.  

30 Diaspora Scholars who have embraced the integrated approach of development are on track to founding a University. The scholars are also working on multiple things. For example Dr. Philip Mwalali, a Medical Doctor (MD), is working on four plans: Town House Property developer, Medical Doctor of the Medical Hospital, University Lecturer and Entrepreneur who shall start a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) on Medical services. 

The KUP System that is developing the Diaspora University Town is an integration and sustainable system. It is an innovative system that encourages entrepreneurship and further creates a synergy of entrepreneurs approach to development. The 5 year development plan and budgets incorporate a Property Developer system and Entrepreneurship system that enables persons achieve and implement their dreams.  

Diaspora Kenyans will get the opportunity to become Property Developers as they use the KUP system of Town House property development. “I like the project for it is spearheaded by the Diaspora,” says a Diaspora Kenyan who has saved the capital needed to become a Property developer of Town Houses in the Diaspora University Town. The developer is excited and ready to expand sources of income by becoming a Kenya property developer using KUP property developer system. 

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