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Diaspora Kenyans to Open Diaspora University Town Site December

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Phyllis an IT specialist tours WPI as she works on Diaspora University Town ICT Plan. Phyllis an IT specialist tours WPI as she works on Diaspora University Town ICT Plan.

Diaspora Kenyans have intensified their Kenya University Project work as they look to open Diaspora University Town development site December. The Diaspora Kenyans are working to produce a town and build roads, infrastructure and buildings to the standards of any Town in the U.S. The Diaspora will have a University and Hospital in the town. The Diaspora Kenyans are working closely with WPI to achieve a University similar to WPI. WPI University today enrolls students from 72 countries of the World.

The Diaspora who started this based on Entrepreneurship are happy that the Kenya Constitution article 1 incorporates the words “Kenyans can exercise their Sovereign power directly.” Through tapping into their God given power and knowledge power achieved the Diaspora will turn this power to become a Town settlement, University, Medical Hospital and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that will advance Kenya Constitutional rights of Housing, Food, Clean water, Education and others.  

The next goal once the site is open, is by the close of April 2018 when the first 4 month development period ends, have 1,000 jobs created. This will mean that 1,000 persons will be meeting their rights with the jobs and further meet the rights of their children as they work and live in the town. The project 5 year developmental stage will lead to 20,000 jobs and growth of Kenya Gross Domestic Product (GDP).    

All Diaspora Kenyans who join the Kenya University Project become Town House Developers. The requirement is derived from the fact that all Diaspora who came abroad first right met was housing. This was met even before one got a job. It is also based on the fact that jobs cannot be created without a housing plan. Through the Kenya University Project (KUP) property developer system Diaspora Kenyans have opened files so as to become developers of Town Houses that will enable the 20,000 jobs created.  

Diaspora Kenyans are also excited to become Entrepreneurs who put in their expertise, time and money each week to advance the progress. The Diaspora University Town – Master Development Plan will see more than 30 Entrepreneur Plans and Budgets started. The plans and budgets will start the development of the Town, University, Hospital and more than 15 Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  

In the next 5 years Diaspora Kenyans are expected to remit Kshs 1 trillion into the Kenya economy. KUP System is currently set up to make the Diaspora use their money as development money that creates jobs as the Diaspora advance the attainment of the constitutional rights to: housing, food, education and healthcare as well as grow Kenya GDP.     

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