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Attorney Kamau Legal System to Ensure Kenya Constitution Rights Are Not Denied

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Attorney Njoroge Kamau in Nairobi. Attorney Njoroge Kamau in Nairobi.

Attorney Dr. Njoroge Kamau set-up the legal system that will enable Diaspora Capital flow into Kenya for the development of the Diaspora University Town. The goal of the legal system is to ensure Kenyans when exercising their Sovereign power directly to meet their constitutional rights are not denied their rights by State officers or their subordinate staff. The Attorney has directed all Developers involved in project to write a report when meeting a public officer. He has also asked Diaspora University Town developers to read and understand Kenya Constitution 73.

Kenya Constitution 73. (1) Authority assigned to a State officer— (a) is a public trust to be exercised in a manner that— (i) is consistent with the purposes and objects of this Constitution; (ii) demonstrates respect for the people; (iii) brings honour to the nation and dignity to the office; and (iv) promotes public confidence in the integrity of the office; and (b) vests in the State officer the responsibility to serve the people, rather than the power to rule them.

Attorney Kamau who established a law firm in the U.S. says that millions of Kenyans remain jobless, in slums, without education opportunity, without good healthcare because persons when exercising their Sovereign Power directly to create jobs, houses, education and healthcare are limited by those holding constitution public offices. He says the Kenya Constitution was not constituted to give a person employed in a Constitution public office the power to deny others the ability to exercise their Sovereign Power to achieve Constitution rights.       

The Attorney says Kenya is a great country and if time and money is put in production of houses, schools, food, roads and other things that meet a person Constitution rights; Kenyans shall be pursuing their dreams.

As a Kenya Citizen who migrated to the U.S, and was able to study and start his law firm abroad; he says if the Government offices abroad had not been providing the services for facilitating one to pursue their talent and abilities he would not have become an Attorney and opened a law firm.    

He says Kenya laws are no different from other Country laws. He says when people constitute themselves and write a constitution, the single most important thing is the meeting of their constitutional rights, especially the rights of food, housing and healthcare.  

To show how crucial it is to achieve rights the Attorney points to Kenya Constitution article 20. (3) that states, “In applying a provision of the Bill of Rights, a court shall— (b) adopt the interpretation that most favours the enforcement of a right or fundamental freedom.”

The Attorney says when a person employed in the Public office wakes up and comes to the office the person expends time and money that the tax payers pay the person to provide a service. He says the person in the public office should also understand the person coming to an office to get the service also puts is time and money with a goal to meet their constitution right. He says a public office holder should not go to a public office to deny others their Constitution rights.  

Based on the report legal system for Diaspora University Town developers; the Attorney aims to apply these reports to ensure Diaspora Capital put in though exercise of Sovereign Power directly as provided in Kenya constitution 1 (2) is not wasted. Further the rights of life, food, housing, education and other rights are not denied.      

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