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Traffic Lights & Parking Garages Can Reduce Nairobi Jams

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Streets Lights in Nairobi Streets Lights in Nairobi

As Nairobi City population of vehicles and human grows; traffic lights installed can play a big part in managing and reducing the jams. If a well set-up traffic system is in place more than 50% of the time and fuel energy lost in jams could be saved. Fred a driver in Nairobi says he has seen improvement in the flow of traffic in the places where the lights are operating and are obeyed.

As population and vehicles increased the management was started through police who would manage the flow of vehicles and persons in intersections. The first patent was by Earnest Sirrine of Chicago in 1910. Since then the traffic lights have been improved to even give the time the light will change.  The current allocation of time and the ensuring of compliance will make Nairobi traffic flow faster saving millions of hours and fuel wasted.

Whereas traffic lights can reduce the jams and enable flow of vehicles faster; a good plan of parking garages is also needed. The Nairobi plan of about 173,000 acres started in the early 1990’s needs to be improved to service population and people better. More car parking spaces through new story parking buildings can improve the flow of traffic as the cars that end up circling the streets because of lack of parking find parking spaces. 

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