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Printed Jamhuri Magazine to Introduce Diaspora University Town in Kenya

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Jamhuri Half Page Cover Jamhuri Half Page Cover

A printed Jamhuri Magazine will introduce the Kenya University Project in Kenya. The magazine will cover the project based on where it is today. The magazine will have various articles written by Diaspora and Kenyans who have become part of the project and are advancing the project.

The sample of Kenyans introduced to the project are quickly understanding the project, embracing it and creating their opportunity. Those looking to be part of the project are already working on what they want to do. The magazine will help identify the suppliers and enable increase the pace of development

Some Articles

  1. Diaspora University Development
  2. Becoming A Property Developer
  3. Diaspora University Town Design-Build
  4. Kenya Constitution 2010 Diaspora University Town Development Plan
  5. Uhuru Kenyatta Messages That Progressed Diaspora University Town
  6. WPI Professors Dream
  7. Two Plans, Education and Houses, Become University Town Development Plan
  8. Diaspora Scholars Founders of Diaspora University
  9. Doctors and Treatment
  10. Diagnosis & Laboratories
  11. Dental & Public Health
  12. Hospital Departments & Nursing Care
  13. Medical Equipment & Supplies
  14. Biotechnology Medicines & Vaccines Production & Research
  15. University Medical ICT Plan
  16. Diaspora Kshs 1 Trillion Remittances Economic Impact 2018 – 2022
  17. Equity Bank Kshs 20 Billion Offer
  18. Financing SME Through OPIC
  19. Diaspora Beauty.
  20. 14 Falls Thika Project Diaspora University Project Based Learning
  21. Achieving Constitution Rights Through GDP Growth Systems
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