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Sagalla Hills Marathon & Diaspora University

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Solomon Chula at Joy Hotel in Voi. Sagala Hills at the background. The drive around the hill is about 42 km (26 miles.) Solomon Chula at Joy Hotel in Voi. Sagala Hills at the background. The drive around the hill is about 42 km (26 miles.)

Solomon Chula Njano was born and has a home in the Sagalla Hills. One day he would envision a marathon that would go around the Sagalla hills. He would later take a drive and establish that going around the hills is approximately 42 kilometers. The standard marathon is 42.195km. Solomon has introduced the marathon idea to Diaspora University with the goal to have the idea actualized as Diaspora University development progresses.

Dan Kamau, who is part of the Diaspora University and has done research on marathons when composing a book, “Victor of Marathon,” was amazed that Solomon would think of such an idea and then the drive around the hills and establish the distance is about 42 km. Dan had a chance to confirm this as they drove around the hills. The hills will be next to the Diaspora University Town. 

The Marathon once fully developed, will offer a Marathon that runners will run around the hills. The starting point will also be the finishing point.

The other amazing thing was the fact that the starting point Solomon chose for the Marathon when he thought about this a few years back is today directly opposite the Voi Railway Station of the Standard Railway Gauge (SGR) that was recently developed and completed last year. 

Solomon agreed to consider having the Marathon advanced by Diaspora University plan. The Diaspora University is currently progressing to be started close to the Sagalla Hills. He said he is happy that the Diaspora have brought the project to the region. He sees this as an opportunity for the advancement of ideas and region.   

The marathon will also create a great opportunity for students joining Diaspora University as this becomes a project in the Project Based Learning. The attraction of this marathon will be running around the Sagalla hills. Solomon is also considering coming up with a half marathon that goes up the hills and across the hills.

One thing that stands out, as one goes around the mountain, are the varying picturesque sceneries of the Sagalla hills. Solomon pointing at one of the peak stones of the hills says, “That pick stone is called goye.”

With most of those who run the marathon running for a cause. Running around the hills may offer one of the best marathons in the world. Solomon will be looking for the best date as he advances this dream with the help of Diaspora University.

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