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Diaspora University Town Progressed at WPI

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From Left: Prof. Wole Soboyedo, Ernest Kamau, Dr. Wilson Endege & Prof. Michael Ginzberg From Left: Prof. Wole Soboyedo, Ernest Kamau, Dr. Wilson Endege & Prof. Michael Ginzberg

In a meeting at WPI: Dr. Wilson Endege of Diaspora University; Ernest Mungai Kamau of Concept Construction (Co) Limited; Prof. Wole Soboyedo, WPI Dean of Engineering School; and, Prof. Michael Ginzberg, WPI Dean of Business School, held talks as they reviewed the progress of Diaspora University Town development.

Diaspora University Town is a project for development of a University in a Town setting. The project started at a WPI University U.S-Africa Business conference. The main goal of the University Development Plan was the implementing the WPI Project Based Learning approach in the new university.

About 30 Diaspora Kenyan scholars are today founders of the university. Together with about 20 scholars who shall join them they will work closely with WPI to implement the Project-Based learning approach. Dr. Wilson Endege and Prof. Philliph Mutisya will come up with a working plan on how the scholars will visit WPI. 

The Project-Based learning approach to education puts more emphasis on the practical learning and innovation. As the World population continues to grow education is today providing the solutions that sustain the population growth and the environment.

WPI has about 45 project-based learning centers in six continents of the World. Three centers are in Africa: Namibia, Morocco and South Africa. As Diaspora University progresses one plan is for WPI to start a Project-based learning center in Kenya at the Diaspora University Project site.

Diaspora University plan for project-based learning is to progressively open at least one center in each of the 47 counties and 3 centers in three of the five countries neighboring Kenya: Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somali.   

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