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Jobs Creation at Diaspora University Town Begins

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Persons working on Survey, Security-Safefy-Emergency (SSE), Roads, & Environment-Trees at Diaspora Univeristy Town Day 1 Site work.   Persons working on Survey, Security-Safefy-Emergency (SSE), Roads, & Environment-Trees at Diaspora Univeristy Town Day 1 Site work.

Diaspora University Town project is a project for creation of new jobs as it achieves the constitution rights of: housing, clean water, healthcare, education and social security. The resources put into project: land, capital, intellectual plans, education systems and other resources are geared toward making the human resource of time productive in achieving a modern town.

Diaspora University Town Security, Safety and Emergency (SSE) was the first to open jobs at site. A team led by Retired Major Henry Mwalugha have started securing the site. The Security, Safety and Emergency (SSE) Plan that also includes Rtd. Col Anthony Nyangala and Rtd. Police Officer Benjamin Mwandaa will progressively secure the site, ensure safety and provide emergency services as development of site progresses to construction and thereafter the opening of the university as faculty and students come to site.

Surveyor Mathias Mjomba and his assistants worked on the land survey and topographical plan. They are working on the physical plan that will allocated the roads and plots planned for development of University, Town Houses and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Joseph Mwandairo, a civil engineer who has worked in the road sector of Kenya, led a team that is currently receiving the roads. Joseph has started the planning of the roads that are broken down into Avenues and Streets as per Institution Town Development Plan approved by County. The plan will also incorporate the material supply. Estimates are that 50% of the road materials will come from the site.

Pastor Pagiel Mshila, who introduced the project to the community, has started work on the Environment and Trees plan that will lead to preservation of indeginous trees and the planting of thousands of trees in the allocated places of roads and different plots.    

In the first day at site 14 jobs were created and an input of the first 100 hours of production put in at the site. The project plan in the first 5 years is projected to take up 100 million hours of input as it creates 20,000 new jobs.

The 100 million hours input will be applied in: University Town planning, development, management and sustenance; Design and building of roads, houses and other buildings; Material and Other products industrial production; Basic and technical education for children whose parents settle at Town; Medical hospital and diverse healthcare plans that meet the highest standard of healthcare for town residents; Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that shall progressively service the people and town institutions; Environment sustenance plans for waste management, litter control, trees planting and other work; town security, safety and emergency services; and, other jobs.      

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