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12 Resources Developing Diaspora University Town

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Human Resource applied at Site work. Human Resource applied at Site work.

Ask any person what develops a project, they will say money. Whereas money plays an important role in development; money alone has never developed any project. A project is developed by a multiple of resources that all must be available and integrated together the right way. Diaspora University Town is on track to achieve 12 resources that shall be applied to develop the project.

1. Master Development Plan
The Master Development Plan (MDP) as a resource is a set of integration and sustainable systems that are set-up to comply with the Kenya Constitution as they develop the University Town. The MDP breaks the production of the University Town into several plans that include: Town and 500 SMEs, University, Medical Hospital, Design-Build and Tourism. The MDP is a jobs, students, property and SMEs development plan. 

2. Diaspora and Kenyans Investors Property Developer Capital Resource
Diaspora and Kenyans investors property developer capital resource is the resource that shall anchor the development of property and Small medium Enterprises (SMEs)   

3. WPI Resource
The WPI plan as a resource is the University model that will be applied in the development of Diaspora University. 

4. Land Resource
3,000 acres of land is a natural resource that shall be used for development of Institution Town.

5. Design-Build System Resource
This is a system that shall be applied to through execution of contracts and the businesses that shall supply the materials to be applied in the project.

6. Human Resource (Jobs)
These are Kenyans in the county, Kenyan experts and foreign experts who will offer professional and skilled labor services to the project. About 100 million hours of input will be put in.  

7. Natural and Manufactured Materials Resource
Natural materials include stones, murram, cement and all products that shall be used in their natural form or manufactured form to achieve the constructed buildings and equipment in the Town..

8. National Government Incentives Resource
These are the incentives to be awarded through tax breaks from National Government to benefit more jobs and education creation.

9. County Government Incentives Resource
These are the incentives awarded in the Institution Town development plan passed by the County Government. 

10. Finance Resource
These are finances that shall be injected into the project by investors, Kenya Banks, Technology financers and others.    

11. Technology Resource
These are technologies that shall be applied to meet energy supply and other applications.

12. Tsavo National Reserves Resource
The Tsavo game reserves is a resource in the development of the Diaspora University Town 1 million tourism plan. 

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