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Taita Taveta Church Leaders, Chamber of Commerce & Organizations Support Diaspora University Town Development.

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Chruch Leaders, Business Owners, Organization Leaders and Residents at meeting at Wundanyi, Taita Taveta. Chruch Leaders, Business Owners, Organization Leaders and Residents at meeting at Wundanyi, Taita Taveta.

During a meeting at Wundanyi, Taita Taveta, organized by Church leaders, Chamber of Commerce, Business Community and other organizations; the history and status of Diaspora University Town development was presented and reviewed. The meeting was moderated by Bishop Ronald Itambo of Mwatate. Bishop Justin Maghanga opened with a message and prayer to God. Mr. Peter Mwabili, the Vice Chairman of Taita Taita Chamber of Commerce, talked on behalf of Taita Taveta Business Community.

On behalf of Diaspora University Trustees and Project developers, Dan Kamau the Executive Trustee, presented the history and progressive stages the project has gone through to today. He said the project was started by Diaspora Kenyans through investing their capital. He said the Diaspora and Kenyans who have joined them continue to invest their capital resources as they develop a University and Town.

The representatives of diverse organizations were further informed that the project is for creation of Jobs. That through the job one will be able to achieve their Kenya Constitution rights especially the rights in Kenya Constitution 43 and 42: Healthcare, Housing, Food, Social Security, Food, Clean Water, Education, Emergency Treatment, Clean and Healthy Environment.

On how the project became a Taita Taveta County project, the residents of Taita Taveta County at the meeting were informed that on February 2015, Dr. Wilson Endege and Bishop Donald Mwawasi, of Diaspora submitted an Institution Town Development Plan in line with Kenya Constitution 185 (4)  “A county assembly may receive and approve plans and policies for— (a) the management and exploitation of the county’s resources; and (b) the development and management of its infrastructure and institutions.”

The Taita Taveta residents learnt that the Education, Early Childhood and Vocational Committee reviewed the Institution Town Development Plan and recommended that the County assembly approves the plan. On May 2015 the plan was approved. Since then Diaspora and Kenyans have put in and continue to put in their capital resources to advance the project.

Benjamin Mwandaa, the Chairman of Ndara B Community, speaking at the event said that Bishop Donald Mwawasi would approach the community who would thereafter consider the project and allocate land and become founders of the University. He said that the Community did this, so the community members can get jobs and other persons can get jobs. He also stated that the community allocated the land so 200 students, 10 from each ward of the 20 wards in Taita Taveta, can get education opportunity as they join university every year.

The progressive stages of development were presented as: 9 primary resources, 5-year Development Plan and thereafter yearly development sustainable plans. The project is currently progressing through the 5 Year development plan that is planned for completion 2022 in no major disruptions occur. 

Those in attendance embraced the project and on behalf of the County residents stated they want the project to continue without any disruptions so those who don’t have jobs can get opportunity.

Kenya constitution article 1 of the exercise of Sovereign Power directly and through elected representatives was reviewed. It was established that the Kenya Constitution does not give any person or body power to disrupt or deny those who want to exercise their power directly to achieve their constitutional rights.

The meeting was part of public participation that will continue progressively as the project is developed and a Town settlement created. An update was made of those who have expressed interest for: jobs, supplies, equipment and SMEs. So far over 3,000 persons have expressed interest to be part of the project development. 

The leaders of diverse organizations were also informed that the University is a non-profit University that will not have any sharing of profit. They were further informed that the University will benefit 10 students from the 20 wards with education in the first four years through incentives in the Institution Town Development Plan. That the students on getting education will learn of new ways to progress their local areas.

Bishop Itambo asked those present to indicate through a raising of hands that they had passed a resolution to support the project and to ensure that project continuously gets support from public, business, county government and other organizations.  

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