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Ndara B Community Progress Founding of Diaspora University Town

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Ndara B Community Executive and Members at Diaspora University Town offices. Ndara B Community Executive and Members at Diaspora University Town offices.

Ndara B Community who joined Diaspora Kenyans and became founders of the Diaspora University Town through their land held under Kenya Constitution 63 (2) Community land consists of— (b) land lawfully transferred to a specific community by any process of law. The Community who allocated their land continue to do their founding role as they progress the project forward in Taita Taveta.

Constitution Rights Benefits

The community is happy that they made this decision that will benefit thousands with better healthcare, emergency treatment, better housing, clean water, education and other benefits. The community liked that the one plan in the project is to benefit 200 students, 10 from each ward, with education.  

Jobs Creation

The community is happy that the project will create jobs for community members and Taita Taveta residents. They cannot wait to see the start of the plan that is projected to create 20,000 jobs in the first five years. They are happy to play a role in the creation of jobs for the residents in Taita Taveta.   

40 Years

The community having held the land since demarcation in 1978 and issue of title for the last 40 years say their decision will not only benefit Taita Taveta, but also be a blessing to Kenyans and the world. 

Partnering With Diaspora

The community likes the fact that they will be the first community in Kenya to partner with Diaspora to achieve a development of a Town with a University.     

Constitution Implementation 

As the project continues the community members are also happy to see the constitutional laws they passed working to benefit them. The project is anchored on several constitutional laws:

Kenya Constitution 1. (1) All sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya and shall be exercised only in accordance with this Constitution. (2) The people may exercise their sovereign power either directly…

The community are happy that the Diaspora exercise of sovereign power directly and themselves exercising the power can start a multi-billion shillings that will benefit many.

Kenya Constitution 185. (4) A county assembly may receive and approve plans and policies for— (a) the management and exploitation of the county’s resources; and (b) the development and management of its infrastructure and institutions. 

The community as part of the persons who created the Kenya Constitution and in the constitution created a County Assembly are happy that the County Assembly did their job for approving the plan of an Institution Town Development Plan that now has become their plan after their provided the land resource. 

Kenya Constitution 19. (3) The rights and fundamental freedoms in the Bill of Rights— (a) belong to each individual and are not granted by the State.

The community are happy that this law is in the constitution and are ready to keep in check any state officer who tries to deny them their rights as established the Constitution Bill of rights, chapter 4.

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