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Voi Workshop Kicks Off Diaspora University Town 500 Million Pieces Material Supply Plan

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DUT Material Supply Workshop in Voi DUT Material Supply Workshop in Voi

A workshop held at Diaspora University Town development offices in Voi kicked off the Diaspora University Town 500 million pieces material supply plan. The plan will lead to production and supply of materials to be applied in the building of 120 kilometers road network and about 2 million square meters of built space. Ndara B Community Chairman and Diaspora University Trustee, Benjamin Mwandaa, opened the workshop.

The history, progress and ongoing project development plan was presented by Dan Kamau.  He presented the project as a jobs creation plan that is developed through a GDP growth system. The goal of the development plan was stated as one of meeting Kenya Constitution 43 rights: healthcare, housing, education and others. The workshop participants were shown the constitutional laws applied in the development.  

Also presented were the development eleven partnership plans as follows: Diaspora and Kenya Entrepreneurs; Town House Property Developers; Town Bank developers; WPI University the Parent Institution; Land from Ndara B Community and County Residents; 20,000 Job/Work Seekers in first 5 Years; 500 Million Pieces Material Supplies & Equipment plan; Developers of 500 SME’s at Town; Kenya Banks Loan Advances Capital that is projected to grow to Kshs 5 Trillion by 2022; County Government Incentives that will fund 10 students from each of the 20 wards in Taita Taveta, a total of 200 Students every year and 800 students in first 4 years; and, the National Government Incentives plan to fund 580 Students every year (2 from each of 290 constituencies) and a total of 2,320 students in first 4 years. 

Architects Rose Dama and Paul Gathitu, who are working on the project design/s, presented the ongoing designs that include: Plots, Roads, Water, Sewer, Storm Water, Town Houses, University buildings, Hospital, Airstrip and other designs. They stated they will work closely with those who shall manufacture so as to achieve quality and specifications. 

In highlighting the opportunity the 500 million pieces material supplies partnership plan creates; it was noted that most of the products applied in production of buildings are imported. Every day, residents of Voi see hundreds of containers with goods transported by through the SGR and Mombasa – Nairobi highway. In the last 15 years, yearly imports in Kenya have grown from less than Kshs 200 billion to over Kshs 1.4 trillion. This could double in next 5 years if manufacturing is not established in Kenya.    

Participants in the workshop through comments, questions and answers reviewed the Diaspora University Town opportunity. Those who would like to be part of the material supply plan and expand their production or even start new manufacturing plant have until the end of year to state they will be suppliers. A target of having at least two major industries started in Taita Taveta alongside the university and hospital development plans was expressed.  

The entrepreneurs present were assured that once they establish a Material Manufacturer Supplier Agreement (MMSA) they will be the first source of supplies of the product. Further when considering their business plan, the entrepreneurs were told to also take into account the University established will work hand in hand to support the industries established so as to grow and expand markets. 

Ndara B Chairman Benjamin Mwandaa in his workshop closing remarks asked those in attendance to see this as their project and to create their opportunity. The estimated material supplies budget for the 500 million pieces of material for producing 2 million sq meters and 120 kilometers of roads is over Kshs 30 billion. 


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