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Jobs Creation – Houses Development Economic Sustainable System

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WPI first building built 1865-1868 WPI first building built 1865-1868

In 2009 the words, “Erected by the Citizens of Worcester,” on one of the WPI University first buildings built between 1865 - 1868, would inspire the creation of the system that combined a Diaspora Kenyans housing development plan and a scholars university development plan to become a University Town Development Plan.

The words unveiled how WPI University was started through a combination of different resources. The resources that kicked off WPI included: Education plans, land, cash, and buildings. One of the first buildings, a three story building, was built from resources endowed by 230 citizens of Worcester City. WPI endowment continues to grow and by 2018 it is valued at about $500 million.  

154 years since 230 citizens of Worcester City and others put resources into the development of WPI, these resources continue to contribute to U.S and Worcester City GDP. In 2018 WPI contributed about $360 million of the estimated $5 billion GDP of the Worcester City and the $18 trillion U.S GDP. With 50 global project centers in six continents of the World WPI contributes to the $80 trillion World GDP as thousands of persons benefit with jobs from this economic system. 

The Diaspora University Town Jobs Creation – Houses development economic sustainable system is similar. The system is kicked off by the following resources: a Master Development Plan; University Plan and Courses from WPI and Diaspora Kenyans; Land from Ndara B Community; Diaspora Kenyans Cash as applied to Town House Development; and incentives from Government.   

Many in the Diaspora becoming Town House developers like that the plan will create jobs for Kenyans. Those looking to return to Kenya from the Diaspora are creating their jobs through the plan. Many Diaspora who are advancing the project say this is their way to thank God for making others create the jobs. Thank you to the 230 citizens who in 1865 put in their resources to start WPI; they even today contribute towards jobs creation.    

The Diaspora University Town is progressing toward the creation of 20,000 jobs. Persons who get the jobs will be housed through the development Town houses in the 5 year development plan currently projected to end December 2023. 

Almost every person in the Diaspora who has become part of the Diaspora University Town agree that without jobs creation there would be no Diaspora Kenyans. They also agree that the jobs creation is the source of the remittances that have grown to reach Kshs 270 billion as remitted 2018.  

Ndara B Community who became founders of the project when they granted their land say this has turned to be one of the best decisions by the Community. The Community looks at the project as one that brings in capital to enable community members and others achieve the rights of education, healthcare and other rights. Thousands of persons will benefit from this project going to the future.           

As the economic sustainable systems create jobs and develop houses they will also progressively grow the Kenya Gross Domestic Product (GDP). By 2023 the project is expected to add about Kshs 30 billion to Kenya GDP. Kshs 20 billion will be added in Taita Taveta County.   

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