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Diaspora Jobs Creation, Houses Development & GDP Growth Bank

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Kenya & Singapore GDP, Population, Land and Human Resource Compared Kenya & Singapore GDP, Population, Land and Human Resource Compared

Kenya jobs or workforce is about 25 million of the estimated 50 million persons living in Kenya. Of the 25 million persons who are in their productive working years; about 40% or 10 million are unemployed or underemployed. This results to a loss of about 20 billion hours or productive time every year. At an average value of Kshs 500, this is a loss of Kshs 10 trillion of human resource and gross domestic product (GDP).

Kenya new houses need every year based on the current yearly population growth of 1.2 million is about 300,000 new houses. The current production system every year falls short in producing the needed units. The production deficit has accumulated to about 3 million housing units. In a 10 year supply plan, this would mean production of 6 million units of housing to meet the yearly demand and accumulated deficit. At an average development cost of Kshs 2 million this is an House Development opportunity of Kshs 12 trillion.   

Kenya Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is currently $100 billion. This compared to Singapore that is at $324 billion. Singapore has a higher GDP even when the country has so much less land resource and human resource. This shows the big opportunity for a bank that supports GDP growth.  

Diaspora Kenyans in founding the bank look to make thousands of Kenyans human resource productive. The Diaspora look to increase the yearly output of houses. The Diaspora know fast-hand how this opportunity can benefit those entering the Job market every year after becoming adults and finishing school and colleges. Indeed, Diaspora are where they are because of jobs creation systems, houses development plans and financial institutions that support GDP growth. 

The U.S GDP has grown to the current $20 trillion is due to setting of production systems and a financial sector that makes the human resource productive through jobs creation and providing houses where jobs are created.  

Diaspora Kenyans over the years have worked on a University Town development plan. They have established systems to have Diaspora resources partner with Community resources in jobs creation, houses development and GDP growth. Today the Diaspora University Town development plan that is ongoing through a Trust created by Diaspora and Community endowments, looks to create 20,000 jobs and develop 6,000 Town Houses.     

The Diaspora in investing in a Microfinance Bank look to speed up Jobs creation so the human resource is not lost. The microfinance bank started will immediately start making the human resource that is being lost productive. The microfinance bank will product financial services and products for jobs creation, houses development and Kenya GDP growth.  


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