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Don’t Fear ICE Join DUT to Develop Kenya

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DUT Town development by Diaspora DUT Town development by Diaspora

The Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) imminent raids are creating fear in Diaspora Kenyans. Diaspora Kenyans should not fear ICE. Instead, they should take this as a call to develop Kenya. If a Diaspora Kenyan could have a plan to develop Kenya, they would not have to fear anything. The ongoing Diaspora University Town (DUT) creates opportunity for any person in Diaspora to establish that plan.

Kenya climate and weather is far better than that of any State in the U.S. The only difference in Kenya and U.S. is the development systems that enable persons get their food, healthcare, clean environment, security and other needs. 

Rather than Kenyans fear ICE, they should develop this systems and create jobs for themselves and other Kenyans. Kenyans can develop Kenya to have: well-planned towns, good roads, quality houses, high standard hospitals, enough energy production, clean environment, secure neighborhoods and other developments.    

The Kenyans in Diaspora have two resources needed in the Kenya development plan. They have: Cash resource and Intellectual resource. It is the application of these two resources in Kenya development that will enable the Diaspora defeat the fear of ICE.

The ongoing Diaspora University Town (DUT) development plan of 20,000 jobs creation started by the Diaspora offers any Diaspora willing to create a Kenya Development plan for their future the opportunity.   

Of the 20,000 Jobs to be created by the DUT plan, Diaspora have an opportunity to get 2,000 of this jobs. Diaspora who do not want to be afraid of ICE can join DUT. Once a Diaspora person joins the ongoing DUT plan they will be able to establish the following plans that protect them or their loved one from the fear of ICE: Job plan in Kenya, SME setup in Kenya and U.S Exit Plan if needed.  

Diaspora Kenyans went to the U.S for there were jobs and good systems. Development of good systems through jobs creation in Kenya, is the best plan to defeat ICE fear. God created Kenyans in the best part of the world. It is time Kenyans develop their country, rather than living in fear in other developed countries. 

Visit www.dut.or.ke to learn more on DUT.

Join DUT   https://www.dut.or.ke/wp-content/uploads/THIDA.pdf



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