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Attorney Njoroge Kamau & DUT Founding

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From Left: Architect Mwangi Njeru, Architect John Rossi, Rose Kuria and Attorney Njoroge Kamau at the offices of one of the top Architectural firms in Boston, 2006. From Left: Architect Mwangi Njeru, Architect John Rossi, Rose Kuria and Attorney Njoroge Kamau at the offices of one of the top Architectural firms in Boston, 2006.

As we continue to progress the Diaspora University Town project, we herewith honor Attorney Njoroge Kamau for his contributions that have brought about and progressed this project from an idea 2005. The dream for a Kenya where no mother takes their newborn child home to a slum and no child grows up in unhealthy environments continues to progress. Thank you Attorney Kamau for your work.

In 2005 Attorney Njoroge Kamau would open his law firm in U.S. He would also team up with others to explore an idea of housing development in Kenya. Today, that idea is the progressing Diaspora University Town project of jobs creation and houses development. 

In 2006 Attorney Kamau and others attended WPI Africa Business Conference organized by WPI professors, the late Prof. Raphael Njoroge and retired Prof. Arthur Gerstenfeld. The housing idea was advanced at the conference. Following the conference, Attorney Kamau and team would visit Boston to explore partnership with an Architectural firm they connected with at the conference.   

In 2007, Attorney Kamau was part of the WPI Conference and the WPI Kenya Investment Forum. The housing idea was explored at the conference and investment forum. The National Housing Corporation (NHC) was in attendance. Th goal was to establish a partnership between Diaspora and NHC that would make Diaspora co-developers of housing units with NHC. NHC did not go through. Ernest Mungai of Nairobi who had met with Attorney Kamau in 2005 and had attended the conference and investment forum proposed a partnership with professional Kenyans. 

In 2008 at the WPI conference Infrastructure and Housing development panel, a possible partnership with professional Kenyans, Kenya land owners, Diaspora Kenyans, and U.S technology owners was presented. After the conference a project of about 250 units of housing was proposed. The land offered by a Diaspora Kenyan.     

In 2009 when the land location feasibility study showed there would be no market for project. A sustainable approach of development would emerge triggered by the words ‘Erected by Citizens of Worcester,” in one of the WPI first building. The university development plan by professors and housing development plan by Diaspora Kenyans were merged to create the University Town Development plan. If 230 citizens of Worcester in 1865 could answer the call to develop a University that even today contributes to the jobs creation in Worcester city; through the housing development plan Kenyans could create jobs and found a university. Attorney Kamau started working on the legal plan. 

In 2010 Kenya Constitution was passed. The review of the Constitution 18 Chapters and 264 articles as Attorney Kamau progressively shaped the legal plan of the university town development plan to comply with Kenya Constitution 2010. Kenya University Project was kicked off. 

2011 – 2013. Attorney Njoroge Kamau reviewed the development plans, a pioneer agreement as a legal document was released August 2013 at a meeting held at WPI. After this meeting the late Prof. Raphael Njoroge, with consideration of Attorney Kamau, ALS, decided all meetings requiring Attorney Kamau legal input be held at his law firm offices in Worcester going forward. 

In 2014 with an addition of an Energy Plan in the House development plan, the Pioneer Agreement was changed to a Town House Investment and Development Agreement (THIDA). In September 2014, President Uhuru Kenyatta message ignited the University Town development plan. Prof. Raphael Njoroge would pass on in November. 

In 2015 to 2017. Following the approval of the project in accordance with Kenya Constitution 185 (4) by Taita Taveta County Assembly, the project Legal development plan would progress at Attorney Kamau law firm. For at least 1 hour every working day, Attorney Kamau reviewed the project progress, worked on legal plans to link KCB Bank finance to project and communicated with the National Land Commission (NLC) in Kenya on land laws. 

In 2018, Attorney Kamau reopened the Microfinance Bank (MFB) plan that would create an investment finance product that Diaspora can apply when investing in Kenya.   

Today, 2019, the DUT plans for University development, Town development, Town Houses Developers, Microfinance Bank, Design-Build continue to progress. 

We thank Attorney Kamau for his commitment to build Kenya. His law practice maybe in the U.S; however, his commitment to Kenya development and Diaspora Kenyans participation in Kenya development is today reflected in the thousands of professional hours, expertise, cash input and other resources that have founded the progressing Diaspora University Town. www.dut.or.ke. 

We pray for Attorney Njoroge Kamau health and God blessings with continued life. 

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