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Attorney Dr. Njoroge Kamau Works on KUP - University Town Legal Plan

Attorney Njoroge Kamau who holds a juris doctorate degree (J.D) and is licensed to practice law in the State of Massachusetts and U.S has added time for Kenya University Project University and Town development legal plan. This based on the progress on the development of the KUP - 9 primary resources that will be applied in the 5 Year Development Plan. He is excited on the progress report of the 9 primary resources especially on the resources: Land, WPI plan and Diaspora Property Developers.
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Prof. Mutisya, Dr. Mwawali & KUP Team Advance Kenya Education, Healthcare & Housing Development at KUDO Event

Kenya University Project (KUP) is a project by the Diaspora to advance Kenya Constitution 2010 article 43 rights. Prof. Philiph Mutisya who has had an extensive career in the university was at hand to advance Kenya University Project (KUP) at Gaithersburg, MD. Speaking at the Jeff Koinange Show at Kenya United Diaspora Organization (KUDO) launch, Prof. Mutisya stated that through KUP he plans to advance education in Kenya. Dr. Mwawali who currently is the KUP – Medical Director who is establishing a team of doctors advanced healthcare also pointed out some goals of KUP. ...
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The Parent University Plan for KUP University

In 2006 a university idea would be kicked off at WPI Department of Management that is now the WPI business school. The idea was started by two Professors of WPI: Professor Arthur Gerstenfeld and the late Professor Raphael Njoroge whose collaboration led to two books on Africa. The idea over time has grown to become the Kenya University Project. At the WPI Business School, Prof. Joseph Starkis, looked at the success achieved as he explored the Parent University Plan that makes WPI the Parent University as intended by the two professors. The plan is part of the 9 primary resources to develop a university and a town. ...
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Dr. Mwalali Develops Doctor Plan for KUP at Baltimore Healthcare Event

Dr. Philip Mwalali at Baltimore took time to work on the development of the Kenya University Project (KUP) doctors plan as he talked to doctors attending the healthcare and wellness. He engaged Kenyan and Ghana doctors opening talks with about eight doctors who attended the healthcare event. He indicated that it was KUP’s deliberate effort to search, interact, build relationships and maintain partnership with a wide spectrum of Doctors. ...
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Faith is Active: The KUP Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit is stated as: a mindset, an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. A mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement. Every entrepreneur who has ever tapped into their Entrepreneurial Spirit also has faith that is active. One of Robert Holden Ph.D. list of 10 Symptoms of Entrepreneurial Spirit reads, "An entrepreneur participates wholeheartedly in the miracle of creation and this is what helps them to grow."...
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OPIC Offers $250 Million Project Finance at Diaspora Investment Alliance, Boston

Overseas Private Investment Corporation’s (OPIC) Director of Project Finance Mr. Iman Kennerly made a maximum offer of $250 million for Project Finance for project interested to be financed as he presented at the OPIC Expanding Horizon workshop and DIAspora Investment forum for East Africa held at Boston City. Dr. Wilson Endege who was attending the workshop was excited to hear this and opened discussions as he looked toward developing more finance resources for Kenya University Project (KUP.) Dr. Endege said, “This finance will enable Diaspora participate in development of Kenya.”...
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President Uhuru Kenyatta to Help, Participate & Facilitate Kenya University Project by Diaspora

President Uhuru Kenyatta in an interview with Esther Githui of Voice of America in New York remarked, “I have been told I maybe meeting a number of Kenyan PhD holders who are looking toward investing in a new medical university in Kenya. I am excited to meet them and I’m looking forward to see how I can help, participate and facilitate for them to do that. I want to encourage others who have similar grand ideas to know Kenya is there home and we are there to facilitate in whatever they need so as to be able to participate in Kenya development.” ...
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WPI Fire Protection Engineering & KUP

“Ever since humankind harnessed the awesome energy of fire, we have lived with its potentially destructive forces as well. The losses of fire entail not only physical damage (death and injury) but property and business losses as well,” writes Professor Kathy Notarianni in the book just released titled Shaping Our World: Engineering Education for the 21st century that features many of the leaders and heads of departments at WPI. Kathy heads the Fire Protection Engineering Department in the University that is also the only department to offer PhD degree in Fire Protection in the U.S. ...
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