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Former Diaspora Kenyan Ledama Olekina vs. Narok Governor Nanok Tanui

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Ledama Olekina sued Ledama Olekina sued

Ledama Olekina walked 1,735 miles from Boston to Chicago wearing his Maasai warrior clothing and sneakers. He walked 564 miles from Colorado to Arizona. As he walked he thought of the child who will get a book; a child who will live a better life because of education. He would start Maasai Education Discovery. Today together with Nation Group Newspaper they will be defending themselves against a defamatory suit filed by Governor Samuel Tunai.

Governor Tanui, per suit filed, alleges that Ledama Olekina has made statements to the effect that Governor Tanui is corrupt, has abused office and committed fraud. Is Ledama Olekina accusing the Governor Tanui falsely? Is the former Diaspora who lived in Diaspora and understands corruption only leads to more poverty fighting for the same people he walked to empower?  

Corruption is today destroying Kenya and leading to more poverty. A recent report revealed 22 million Kenyans live in poverty. Most of this is a direct result of corruption and gread as many elected leaders in Kenya look to become billionaires from the public offices entrusted.   

In 1972 reporters and a fearless newspaper would take on the President Richard Nixon after they found out that he knew of the break-in at Watergate. The public that had then re-elected the president would join the media in saying enough was enough. President Nixon would resign saying, “I’m not a crook.” From that day the power that belongs to the people would fight corruption and progress the county to eliminate the poverty many country musicians recorded songs off.  

If Governor Samuel Tanui is innocent and Ledama is doing this for selfish reasons then the truth will set him free. If however there is any proof that the Governor has been corrupt then Kenya citizens who hate corruption should join in ending corruption.

Kenyans in the U.S are beneficiaries of the 1972 decision by Americans that saw a president resign for the people were no longer going to tolerate corruption. Today thousands of Kenyans enjoy the fruits of this decision in U.S. Diaspora Kenyans should support the fight on corruption especially when led by a former Diaspora Kenyan. 

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