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President Uhuru Kenyatta Picture Worth a Thousand Words

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is a statement often used to refer to a picture that can explain something or leave many perplexed with wonder. The two pictures taken as President Uhuru Kenyatta shakes a young girl's hand and serious looks to her and places his left hand on the girl's chin, and then his right hand on the girl's chin in the next picture is worth a thousand words.
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Why Kenyans Dance to Gospel Music in Night Clubs

Esther Wahome song Kuna Dawa has dominated the night clubs since Esther produced this song. As Kenya drone their favorite drink Tusker beer and enjoy the music, it is becomes evidently clear that gospel music is not only growing fast but that it is entering places never imagined before. Love Ballards, hip-hop and reggae that were notorious associated with night clubs have fully been replaced with gospel music....
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Living in Eastlands, Nairobi

Living in Eastlands, Nairobi can be summed up as living on the edge of poverty, crime and insecurity as one survives from one day to the next. It is a life that spreads from slums to upper lower class estates. It is a daily story of the most daring and creative display of matatu driving. It is living in poorly planned houses that are built so fast too accommodate the growing population. It is living is a region of about 1 million Kenyans of the 3.2 million residents in Nairobi. Eastlands living is a combination of the better planned estates of Buruburu, Umoja, Eastleigh, Outering, Doonholm, Fedha, Komarock, Green fields, and Jacaranda, and the unplanned settlements of Dandora, Kayole, Ngomongo, Quarry, Mukuru Kwa Reuben, Lungalunga, Sinai, and Kiambiu. Eastlands is home of the Main Industrial Area of Nairobi and the stories of east land are diverse....
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Who Wants to Live in a Slum?

I was recently in a social gathering when someone commented, “Did you read about the people given good houses who abandoned them to go live in the slums.” As the conversation went on I asked myself:” Who really wants to live in a slum? Who really could be offered to live in Lavington and turn it down for living in the slum? Who really loved these conditions so much?” ...
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Life Insurance: Money When It's Needed Most

The job market over the past few years has been worse. Paying insurance premiums during times like this can be challenging, but this is often the time when it’s most important to own your own life insurance. During the recent round of layoffs, many people who had coverage only through work lost their only insurance when they lost their jobs. According to a recent study by the financial research firm LIMRA, life insurance ownership is at a 50-year low with less than 45 percent of US families having individual coverage. The majority of time it’s purchased to take care of your family once you’re gone. Here are three ways to make life insurance more affordable. ...
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