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Kenya 154 out of 183 World Countries with $1,700 Per Capita Income.

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Kenya Per capita as compared to world countries  Kenya Per capita as compared to world countries

Kenya current per capita income, of about $1,700 according to International Monetary Fund, places Kenya as Number 154 out of 183 world countries. Per Capita income is a way of measuring the quality of life for a person in a country. The higher the per capita of a country, the higher the quality of life and security expected in that country. According to our table, Kenya is placed as a very poor country in the per capita income level $1,001 - $2,000. As Kenya approaches the 2013 - 2017 Kenyans will have to decide on the quality of life they want going forward. The Kenyans will have to decide if they want to go up the scale and cross the world average like, Equatorial Guinea No. 48, Botswana 55, Gabon 56 and Libya 64, the 4 countries in Africa above the world per capita average of $10,900.

In next 5 Years Kenyans with the right legislation can set the country to a growth path that could see the basic needs like food, housing, education and health available to all.   

Reference is often made that South Korea and Kenya were at the same level in 1960. Fast forward to 2010 and the population of South Korea has grown to 48 million and Kenya to 40 million. The GDP of South Korea has grown to $1.45 trillion and that of Kenya is $66 billion. The Per capita income of South Korea is at $29,900 and that of Kenya at $1,700.

The question now is: How can Kenya start moving up with an eye to get to the world average?

Fours things 

Kenyans have to understand the constitution and respect the document
The constitution passed has sealed many holes that were leaking. However, Kenyans will need to understand the constitution and see to it no more holes are created which can be done by findings ways to derail the constitution implementation. 
Kenyans have to work hard and understand how economic systems are set-up
Economy grows when people sweat and labour; when hard work of both the brain and the physical body is rewarded according to work and a fair share of tax paid for efficient government services. To get the right formula that can propel growth and policies, Kenyans have to look for leaders with strong work ethics. 

Kenyans have to have zero tolerance on corruption
If a majority of Kenyans were asked, What is Corruption? They would state bribing a police officer. However the biggest form of corruption in Kenya is when someone goes to a government office every day to frustrate Kenya growth. This is the culture in many government offices. This has killed the spirit of growth as so much money and time is wasted due to this corrupt systems. Leaders elected should be people who make sure the entrepreneurs time will not be wasted by poor government services as the private sector tries to build Kenya.

Kenyans have to be innovators. 
Understand problems, creating complex ideas and then developing these ideas into systems is innovation. Kenyans should look to be part of the innovation.  

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