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What Kenyans are Posting About President Kenyatta

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President addresses residents at Awendo trading centre in Migori County. President addresses residents at Awendo trading centre in Migori County.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is working so hard as he performs his constitutional duties. Some of the duties include: Constitution 132 (2) “The President shall— (a) respect, uphold and safeguard this Constitution; (c) promote and enhance the unity of the nation; (d) promote respect for the diversity of the people and communities of Kenya; and (e) ensure the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law.” Many Kenyans are seeing his hard work and commenting in social media. A few comments below

Naph Ambetsa: I am just amazed at how unbowed President Uhuru Kenyatta was today. Despite the chaos, he just kept going, stuck on the script, delivered his message and accomplished his mission. It takes great character and conviction to display humility and Modesty as displayed today. You have my standing ovation Sir. This is the greatest display of tolerance I have ever seen from an African President. I am humbled.

Charles Briton Aburuki Comment: Uhuru is a 'Man of the People' - a leader who has no boundaries and is both a born and made. He was born in a leadership environment and went to college to learn leaderships styles, people cum resources management, interpersonal and networking keys for success. He loves everyone—from young, youth, middles class, and even the ones who are termed as old—but I refer them as wisdom sources. Hon. Kenyatta — his Excellency the President is a development minded individual who will carry Kenya to a great height of economic and political maturity. Let the people of Kenya support him without wavering and with wisdom—not to allow spirit of division ,mediocre politics, propaganda and even rhetoric without substance to encroach their faculties of mind and I can assure you with a 99% of degree of significance that Kenya—-will be an iconic destiny for everyone globally. Everyone will love to—just visit to see the little nice—superb country within the globe whose leadership is distinctive and classic , in addition to its height and or level of development -GDP growth and per capita status quo(Botswana like some days back). I love the spirit of unity and caring for every corner of the Nation. Kenyan let everyone gather the common decency and embrace His Excellency the President -and Kenya will never be the same again. My word and advice to those who still have the creed of greed and thirst for power is that; they need to go to their knees first and foremost and repent the sins of not giving President Kenyatta opportunity cum support he needs to carry the country forward and lead the people who elected him with supper majority. It is time for forward gear and momentum forks crowned with optimism and fear of God -and Kenya will be revitalized to its position of dignity.

Otieno Mbare: I commend President Uhuru Kenyatta for acting with so much restraint by showing statesmanship in the face of agents provocateurs hired with the sole intention to disrupt anything good that you had for the long suffering Nyanza farmers. We applaud the way you conducted yourself when others believed the provocation would make you coil your tails and leave the county as if its another province out of your own jurisdiction as president! We know the people we hired but we remain grateful for bailing out all the sugarcane farmers in almost the entire Nyanza region!

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