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Is President Uhuru Kenyatta Headed For 90% Popularity?

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President Uhuru Kenyatta Statement President Uhuru Kenyatta Statement

President Uhuru Kenyatta statement, “We will not be deterred from the path of development. We will keep to the path. I will be back to Migori,” is conducting politics at the highest level. Few politicians are gifted to the level of connecting even with the lowest person and taking a supporter from someone. Is it possible for President Uhuru Kenyatta to achieve the dream 90% popularity?

It is called a dream for to get a 90% popularity you have to get it right. The one politician in recent past to get to that level was the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, who would become a running mate of John McCain in the 2008 U.S Presidential elections. At her best she is reported to have crossed the 90% mark where 9 out of 10 persons in her State, that she Governed, were behind her.

Reaching a 90% approval rating is a dream for any politician. Reaching this level means that the citizens like the approach on the most important issue that all support and the majority of issues that matter to them. Peetah Nziokii comments, “The only hindrance of development is the monster called CORRUPTION which continues to make the lives of we ordinary Kenyans harder and yet you do nothing about it, such a pity.” 

Palin got to 90% for she fought corruption. Many thought the newly elected young Governor in her early forties was joking when she took the job and took on corruption. Those who underestimated her found themselves locked up in prison.

President Uhuru Kenyatta ticket to 90% is the killing of Kenya corruption and greed that traps Kenya economy from growth and has over 90% in poverty many sleeping hungry. It is not easy to defeat greed and corruption; but, if Uhuru wants to get to 90% popularity he will have to fight corruption drawing the power that comes from 90% of the Kenyans who can line up behind him as he uses the constitution power given to his office by these Kenyans.  


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