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Kenya Economy Growth Mirrored to U.S $57 Billion to $17 Trillion Growth in 80 years?

The U.S economy was at $57 billion dollars in 1933 after the start of the great depression in 1929. From $57 Billion and 125 million population, the U.S economy would grow and in 80 years reach $16.8 trillion and a population of about 318 million Per Capita income of $52,800. Can Kenyans grow from the current $50 billion economy with 44 million population and Per Capita $1,100 on a similar trajectory like U.S?
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Should Media be 100% Accurate?

Sean Pentu commenting on accuracy of media that President Uhuru Kenyatta asked for, writes, “Its just words, are you scared of them, the courts are open to you if that's the case...DON'T MESS WITH PRESS FREEDOM, we elected you to concentrate on service delivery please do not fix what doesn't need fixing...the newspapers are controlled by economic forces newspaper only print what people are willing to read...so no dictatorship.” Indeed media in many developed economies is classified based on factual media (news journals) and entertainment (tabloid.) Public through their God given instincts have been able to distinguish between fact and fiction....
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Essential Drug Data for Vets Now Found in One Volume

Complete data on veterinary pharmacology can now be found from one source. It is Kingsley Eghianruwa’s new compendium of Essential Drug Data for Rational Therapy in Veterinary Practice published by AuthorHouse, a one-stop, easy-access source book of great value to practicing physicians with current values on humane treatment of animals....
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What Hinders Women from Participating in Leadership?

Historically, leadership has carried the notion of masculinity and the belief that men make better leaders than women is still common today. Although the number of female leaders has increased, they are often named as an afterthought. Despite women’s education and entry into the job market, the woman’s role is typically one of homemaker....
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Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua the Devolution Developer

Kenya Elections March 2013 led to the full creation of 47 devolved counties through the elected 47 Governors and County Assemblies. Like many Kenyans I would cross my figures waiting to see what culture the Governors bring to their respective new offices. Was a Governor going to be a “Servant of the People” or “Master to the People?” Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua choice to become a servant of the people is today one factor developing and advancing devolution in Kenya. As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words!” ...
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War on Graft is a Blessing to Kenyans

Thanks President Uhuru Kenyatta for declaring war on corruption which has ruined the lives of many Kenyans, caused many deaths of innocent Kenyans and raised unemployment rate to unbelievable levels in Kenya. Let us call a spade a spade by applauding what is good and by condemning what is bad. Only an insane individual would not see the positive side of President Uhuru Kenyatta's declaration of war on rampant corruption in Kenya. I thank President Kenyatta for this declaration and I hope all Kenyans of good will will applaud and thank him as well. Patriotic Kenyans should encourage and support President Uhuru Kenyatta in this noble crusade to fight corruption. ...
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