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Bishop Mwawasi Senate Campaign Progresses in Taita Taveta

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Bishop Donald Mwawasi for Taita Taveta Senate Bishop Donald Mwawasi for Taita Taveta Senate

Bishop Donald Mwawasi is one of the few Diaspora Kenyans whose name is on the ballot for the 2017 elections. He looks forward to representing Taita Taveta in the senate as well as representing Diaspora in parliament. Bishop Mwawasi says, “The residents of Taita Taveta have embraced my message. If I could get my message to a majority of the registered voters in the County, Diaspora can count on having a Senator in Parliament.” Taita Taveta County registered voters who shall vote in the Senate race is 155 904 voters.

Part of Bishop Mwawasi message is the development partnership that communities and the Diaspora can establish as they develop the country. “Many of the communities I speak welcome my message as ‘The change message,’ they need. They love that the Diaspora Kenyans are willing to work with communities as we join hands to develop Kenya.”  

Diaspora who are looking to have a Diaspora elected in the Senate, National Assembly or other elective seats are happy with the progress Bishop Mwawasi is making. “Development is brought through a person committing to develop their county,” said Atty Njoroge Kamau whose law firm is in Worcester, MA. He is supporting Bishop Mwawasi and contributing to his campaign. The Attorney likes the approach that the Bishop Mwawasi has taken of having a conversation with the electorate.  

For Diaspora to be part of Kenya Government 2017 – 2022, for Diaspora to have a voice; a few of the Diaspora currently on the Ballot elected. Most Diaspora travelling to Kenya are also volunteering their time to go and campaign for the Diaspora candidates. Rev. Dr. Joseph Nzeketha of New Jersey who is in Kenya is looking to go to Taita Taveta and campaign with Bishop Mwawasi. 

Bishop Mwawasi who has lived in Atlanta since the late 1980’s sees the possibility of Diaspora playing a role in Kenya development 2017 - 2022. He says, “Once in Senate and the 5 proposed Bills are legislated the Diaspora will play a role in Kenya development. The Kenyans will be happy. The Diaspora will also be happy as they change lives of Kenyans and grow their income when doing so.”  

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