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5 Diaspora Bills Bishop Mwawasi Will Sponsor Once Elected to Senate

On 2013 Bishop Donald Mwawasi failed to be on the Kenya Elections Ballot because of a wrong interpretation of Kenya Constitution law. He filed a case: Donald Mwawasi verses IEBC and CIC. He lost in the High Court. He took the case to the Court of Appeals. Three judges ruled that the High Court ruling was incorrect and that IEBC and CIC had erred in the Kenya Constitution interpretation. Bishop Mwawasi will be on August 8th 2017 be on the Kenya Election ballot for the Senate seat for Taita Taveta. His election to Kenya senate will not only benefit the residents of Taita Taveta but will also benefit Diaspora Kenyans.
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Diaspora Say “No!” to MPs Addressing Them

Ambassador Jean Kamau having given the deputy speaker of the national assembly Joyce Laboso a chance to speak and introduce the Members of Parliament (MPs) in the audience. The deputy speaker would propose that the MPs take each a minute to address the Diaspora. However, the Diaspora who had waited for the President for more than two hours said a loud, “No!”...
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