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Hyvon Ng'etich Crawling to Finish Line an Inspiration

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Hyvon Ngetich Crawls to finish line. Hyvon Ngetich Crawls to finish line.

Hyvon Ng'etich running the Austin Marathon would collapse her body not able to run anymore as she was close to the finish line. Determined to reach the finish line, she would crawl and finish the race to jubilation. She inspired many. Some few comments.

James gituro: Congratulation for the fantastic finish....and the lesson learnt being never to give up in life, for you will never come alive out of it. The very best to Hyvon and all the others that continue to represent Kenya so well

Joab Baijo: Truly an amazing determined Kenyan spirit. I think every Kenyan must be proud of you. Quitters will never win. You won it for us.

Alfotula: It was a painful sight to watch! Excellent spirit. I wish our governors, government and other public officials worked with the same dedication. Congratulations, young lady.

Andrews Kwia: When I heard this on BBC news I couldn't believe myself until I found it, such bravery is unbelievable. Woman you are a pride in sport history. You have raised the bar for your fellow sport men and women, also thanks to the organizer who adequately rewarded her God bless him. KWIA,

Yvette: Wow! What resilience. I wonder if our politicians watched this and if there is a lesson in there for them. I respect you Hyvon. Indeed winners don't quit. All the best!

Shammah: Wow! Way to go. That's the spirit of a fighter and Ng'etich has done Kenya proud. Never quit the race but strive on irrespective of roadblocks. Hongera. Christians are also urged never to quit the race because of hills and valleys.

Kenjadi: What an honorable effort and deed! What a valiant commitment and show of respect for one's calling! This makes me so proud as a Kenyan (and yes, so impressed by the underlying spirit of the people in the host city). How do our greedy, reckless and get-rich-quickly-without-lifting-a-finger politicians and many other public and private officials feel when they read a story like this? What goes on in their souls, if they have any?

Nyagah Njeru: Ng'etich, this demonstrates your determination to succeed. Congrats

Edward Githinji: Awesome Kenya. I have shed awesome tears of resilience, courage and determination. May Kenya finish the Worldly & Gospel race set for us by the Father of all eternity and might; yes the God of all creation.

KenyaYetu: We are a country (Kenya) made up of citizens who don't give up easily. I am proud of my fellow Kenyan. She has become an inspiration to many.

Kibetosh: Thank God, a Kenyan has given a completely new meaning to the words "endurance" and "determination" and has replaced Ethiopian athlete Gebresalasie who beat Paul Tergat to star in a movie called "Endurance". I am sure this brave Kenyan woman will be used as an example for many years to come the true meaning of endurance and determination whichever comes first. We should thank those who cheered her on and gave her hope and that is the spirit. I wonder if that had happened in Africa during all Africa games whether she would have been disqualified for finishing the race on all fours instead of two and the match officials to have brought on board their two cents worth of knowledge and impuned that there is a difference between a running and crawling and this was a running race.

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