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Mercy Promotes Kenya

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Mercy New York Marathon (Pic - Jamhuri Files) Mercy New York Marathon (Pic - Jamhuri Files)

“Simple positive statements can go a long way to changing Kenya,” is a view articulated by many. In New York City and other cities, especially during the marathon, you will find Kenyans like Mercy promoting Kenya and urging people to visit the beautiful land of Kenya.Imagine what a small additional tourist budget could do for promoters like Mercy who passionately love Kenya. “There would be thousands of smiles pasted on faces of people who would talk about Kenya not just as a country of great marathon runners but also as a country one should visit and the story of Kenya told in so many ways by those contracted,” says a promoter.

Borrowing from William Moss quote “In architecture—the flowering of geometry—beauty lies in the line and design. In painting—the silent poetry—beauty is in the pattern and color. In works of fine art, beauty comes with the craftsmanship of inspiring those moments arrested in eternity.” Kenya is indeed one of the most beautiful countries as Mercy will tell you.

Kenya’s history dates to the Stone Age, making Kenya one of the countries in the world that possesses the largest and most complete record of man's cultural development. This is partly because of the country's rich variety of environmental factors conducive to human survival and development.

Travel to Kenya and stop at View Point—an observatory point on the roadside of Nairobi-Naivasha Road. Using binoculars or through the naked eyes you will be captivated by the story of the Rift Valley below for hours.

Kenya has 41 ethnic groups that reflect many diverse cultures and traditions. Even an artist like Beyonce who has done so many dances or music tunes could just find another dance when touring Kenya.

The Equator divides the country into two parts. Where it passes through Kenyan highlands it neutralizes the cold that would otherwise make Kenyan people freeze, thus ensuring that a big portion of Kenya, including large areas in the Rift Valley Nairobi, and Central Province,  have the most favorable weather all year round. At no day will Kenyans in these areas freeze or dehydrate to death because of low or high temperatures. 

Kenya covers a geographical area comprising 225, 000 sq. miles (582, 646 sq. km), approximately the size of Texas State, U.S.A. You can be assured of great traveling in many parts and see God’s nature.

Kenya is the sanctuary of birds with more than 300 species of birds. The Flamigo bird is found at Lake Nakuru.  Kenya has more wildlife species than any other country in the world and the wildlife animals, namely the lions, elephants, rhino, cheetah, and hippo are there for your viewing. The migration of animals from Tanzania to Kenya is considered as one of the most thrilling spectacular events as millions of animals trek from one habitat to another.

Kenya is the land of great mountains. The highest is Mount Kenya, which will challenge you to climb it. In terms of height, Mount Kenya is second to Kilimanjaro, which is in Tanzania, and on Kenya - Tanzania border. Other Mountains and hills include Mt Logonot, Mount Elgon, Aberdares, Ngong Hills amoung others  

In terms of aesthetics, Kenya people are as beautiful as cameras show them to be.  And, of course, Kenya is said to have some of the most beautiful women in planet earth.

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