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3 Things Kenya Voters Should Deliver For Tourism Sector

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Tourists push car after it was stuck on muddy road.  Tourists push car after it was stuck on muddy road.

Any person looking to go for a holiday in any part of the world will first and foremost look out for their safety. As Kenyans go to the polls they will have a chance to grow tourism for Kenya and especially their counties. All the 47 Counties will directly or indirectly benefit from increase tourism. If the voters elect the right people to form the 48 Governments they could immediately increase the tourism revenue by $1 billion dollars and grow this every year going forward. These are three things that the voters should deliver to the tourism sector through the ballot.

Road Network Servicing Tourism Expansion & Improvement

Tourism is about safety and this includes road safety. Until we have a highway with vehicles flowing in one direction and the risk of head on collision reduced the tourism sector will not thrive. Making Nairobi-Mombasa a dual carriage highway with a minimum two lanes in all sections is important in improving the tourism sector. Kenyans, especially in counties with high tourism potential, should look to vote for parties with good plans that will increase road network capacity with a goal of increasing tourism revenue and not just so a road is constructed.   

Responsible Leaders

The biggest threat to tourism is the Kenya leaders. Kenyans should look for leaders who are willing to advocate for peace and can tame their tongues. Until we have good leaders such that when visitors visit they go home with a high recommendation for they did not hear a remark that for a moment made they scared come from a leader.   

County Government Resources Allocation to Develop Tourism Sector  

County residents should not to elect leaders with no plan especially in counties with high growth tourism potential. The voters should instead look for leaders who will find ways to make the county better by investing in County roads, health centers, fire safety and disaster response systems like ambulances with the resources available and not in their high salaries. Tourists will many times look to see if the region has an ambulance and health center just in case one gets injured and this can also weigh in the decision of a tourist especially one travelling with children.


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