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Politicians & Political Rallies Killing Tourism

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Diaspora Kenyan Markets Kenya as a tourism destination during N.Y marathon. (Pic-File)  Diaspora Kenyan Markets Kenya as a tourism destination during N.Y marathon. (Pic-File)

Mishale writes, “I wish our politicians can read this article. Why should they ruin tourism which has always been a major foreign cash earner for the country? I am always perturbed to see our members of parliament, senators and other political parties leaders continuously holding political rallies in various parts of the country as if we are about to hold another general election. It is in those rallies where they use coded messages which eventually lead to conflict among communities. In developed democracies politicians engage each other in parliament, and if necessary call press conferences to raise issues which they feel are of concern to the public. In such democracies holding of political rallies just for the sake of it would appear primitive and a waste of time.”

The particular article that Mishale would like the political leaders to read is written by James Kariuki who writes, “Politically instigated conflicts are to blame for the falling number of American tourists on cruise ships wishing to visit Kenya, among other countries.” The writer adds, “…while many Americans were alive to the fact that Kenya is positioned as a highly favoured destination with beautiful beaches and rich wildlife as well as unique landscapes, many shied away due to raging political feuds…”

So if the Kenyans, especially in Mombasa, who are jobless know that the political rallies are contributing towards the decline of the tourism industry, why are they attending the rallies? As much as we want to blame the politicians and political rallies the fact is education is what lacks in Kenya. For if those suffering are educated they will figure out that attending rallies is what is causing decline and they will not attend and the political leaders will be stationed at their legislative arm.  

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