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Mercy Promotes Kenya

“Simple positive statements can go a long way to changing Kenya,” is a view articulated by many. In New York City and other cities, especially during the marathon, you will find Kenyans like Mercy promoting Kenya and urging people to visit the beautiful land of Kenya.Imagine what a small additional tourist budget could do for promoters like Mercy who passionately love Kenya. “There would be thousands of smiles pasted on faces of people who would talk about Kenya not just as a country of great marathon runners but also as a country one should visit and the story of Kenya told in so many ways by those contracted,” says a promoter.
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3 Things Kenya Voters Should Deliver For Tourism Sector

Any person looking to go for a holiday in any part of the world will first and foremost look out for their safety. As Kenyans go to the polls they will have a chance to grow tourism for Kenya and especially their counties. All the 47 Counties will directly or indirectly benefit from increase tourism. If the voters elect the right people to form the 48 Governments they could immediately increase the tourism revenue by $1 billion dollars and grow this every year going forward. These are three things that the voters should deliver to the tourism sector through the ballot. ...
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Can We Have 5 Million Visitors? H. Gathura of Kisima Safaris Responds

Mr. Henry Gathura of Kisima Safaris one of the lead tour companies in Kenya that is located in Westlands says the Kenya Association of Tour Operators have not really thought about calling Presidential candidates to come and state what they will achieve for the tour sector. The association of tour operators would be the happiest group if they would receive 5 million visitors a year. With an average of about $100 per visit per day this would mean about $500 million in tourism income that would be more than Oil income which generates about $50 a barrel and Kenya might not be producing 5 million barrels soon. Below the full interview with Kisima Safaris. ...
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Kibaki - Odinga 16% VAT Could Kill Kenya Tourism Businesses!

Jimmy Njogu of Dallas, Texas discussing the proposed 16% VAT that would increase costs in the tourism sector of Kenya says, “Kenya has become one of the most expensive places to visit. I want to support Kenya by going to vacation there but with this increased costs, I don’t think I will be able to get the budget for Kenya. I would rather plan to visit Florida.” It is no wonder Florida receives 60 million visits a year and makes $58 billion from tourism sector more than many of the oil producing countries make in Oil revenue a year. The coalition of Kibaki and Odinga and the political parties they head rather than look for ways to boost tourism to be a strong sector by finding ways to lower taxation are doing the exact opposite. The 16% increase in prices as tax is certainly going to impact the tourism sector negatively. ...
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Killing of Lions a Big Loss to Kenya

Between animals and humans, who is straying in whose space? The friction between humans and wildlife has existed since time immemorial thus eliciting that big question. Their was outrage when news emerged that Maasai Morans had speared six lions to death in a night battle that lasted five hours. At the end of the battle, four lionesses and two cabs were killed while two others escaped. The lions paid a high price for straying from the Nairobi National Park into a home in Kitengela killing 28 sheep and goats....
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Florida Visited by 60 Million Tourists.

If any one State in the U.S. could be the guiding light of Vision 2030, Florida would be that State. Florida like Kenya has warm weather and miles of beaches. Florida tourism is however a 60 million tourists business every year, Kenya tourism is barely 1 million visitors. Florida receives $57 billion just from tourism sector, Kenya Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from all sectors is about $58 billion. ...
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Louise Sauer – A Developer of Vision 2030 via Tourism

“Welcome to Kenya, a land of surprising diverse scenery - from the snows of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare Rainforests, the world famous National Parks and Game Reserves, the semi-deserts of Northern Kenya and to the beautiful beaches and warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Welcome to our world, a world of adventure, and experience the very best of the African Continent,” Louise Ngugi Sauer continues to build Kenya Tourism through their company Star Travel and Tour that operates in U.S and in Kenya and in so doing develop the Vision 2030. Star Travel and Tour has some the most amazing tours tailored. Kenyans who love adventure fun and would like to join us with friends as they vacaton in Kenya should explore the tour plans offered and seat back and enjoy a vacation as experts plan the rest. ...
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Lucky Lady Wins

His Excellency Elkanah Odembo, Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya to the U.S.A and based in Washington D.C closed the event of Kenya Diaspora Conference by picking the raffle ticket that gave one lucky lady, one great prize. The event that drew more than 500 Kenyans from different parts of the U.S and from Kenya was one of the most successful conferences to be planned. The organization and delivery of the conference was lauded by the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Planning National Development and Vision 2030 with the words, “Ambassador did well to delay 2012 so we can keep busy doing productive things,” in reference to the fact that the conference had mostly development oriented goals discussions rather than political office aspirants discussions. ...
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Lions Can Climb: Facts about wildlife in Kenya

Did you know that lions can climb trees? You only need to tour to Kenya and you will find amazing wildlife and learn many facts about the wildlife found in Kenya reservations that include: ...
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