Daktari Biotechnology Signs MOU with University of Nairobi to Advance Medicine & Vaccine Production in Kenya

Daktari biotechnology has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the University of Nairobi (UoN), a step that brings Diaspora University Town closer to its goal of contributing towards the advancement of healthcare in Kenya. The MoU establishes a relationship between  Daktari Biotechnology and UoN in advancing medicine and vaccine research in Kenya. With the MoU signed, Daktari Biotechnology Scientists will now start the clinical trials of products they are working on in Kenya. The goal is to have the medicines and vaccines ready for production as the Daktari Biotechnology production plant is built and fully equipped at Diaspora University Town site close to Voi, Taita Taveta.

Daktari Biotechnology was founded by Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston, MA with a goal of producing various medicines and vaccines in Kenya. The products the scientists are working on to be produced and the plant include small molecule for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment; Insulin a Biosimilar biologic for Diabetes treatment; small molecule Malaria prevention and treatment products; vaccines for SARS-CoV-2, and foot & mouth disease.

The MoU with the University of Nairobi provides Daktari Biotechnology with ready laboratories and expertise in the clinical trials of vaccines and medicine. It also creates a strategic partnership between Daktari Biotechnology and the University in creating jobs for the university students who are progressing their studies as they aspire to be researchers and innovators in the pharmaceutical field. Daktari Biotechnology when fully operational in Taita Taveta will create hundreds of jobs for the students as they graduate.

Kenyans in the Diaspora have already started the process to fund the building and equipping of the Daktari Biotechnology plant to be built at Diaspora University Town. The Kenyans both abroad and in Kenya who are joining this effort are doing so to enable the country advance its medicine and vaccine needs. It is almost a year now since COVID 19 became a global pandemic. The fact that there is no system for research, clinical trials and production in place is why Kenyans has to relay on other nations for vaccines.

Dr. Endege a holder of 5 patents in the field of cancer has been working on the Medicine and Vaccine production plan for Kenya since he joined Harvard University Medical School in the mid 1990s. Over the years, with other scientists, they have developed the technologies needed to produce medicine and vaccines. He is also happy to be working with a team of scientists who also have innovations and vast experience in the medicine and vaccines. The team will progress and grow as they progress the medicine and vaccines in Kenya.

To his fellow Diaspora Kenyans he says, “You have in the last 16 years remitted $21 billion (About Kshs 2 trillion) to Kenya. There is not a single project that has impact of creating jobs, advancing healthcare and advancing education that that money has developed. In the next 5 years as you remit another $20 billion (Kshs 2 trillion) you can say you remitted Diaspora University, Daktari Biotechnology Medicine and Vaccine production plant, Diaspora University hospital and other planned developments that will create thousands of new jobs and grow Kenya GDP.”

On investment return he says that Africa medicine and vaccine market is not developed. He says that the development is starting and the market sales could surpass the $100 billion mark in next 5 years. He says Daktari Bioecthnology will be positioned to have a market of this new growth through high quality products and products directed toward the Africa market needs.


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