Diaspora Medicine and Vaccine Production Plan for Kenya

Diaspora University Town (DUT) is a project envisioned by Kenyans in diaspora and embraced by Ndara B Community in Taita Taveta County. It is a project for building a University Town that has several plans including University plan and Medical Hospital plan. The medicine and vaccine plan is established through the Daktari Biotechnology limited that is founded by Diaspora Scientists, Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston, MA; Dr. Benson Edagwa of Florida, Dr. Patrick Shompole of Pullman, WA, Dr. Bernard Ayanga of Houston, TX and other scientists.

Dr Shompole of Pullman, WA (Right) at the Diaspora University Site where the Medicine and Vaccine will be built.

The scientists who are competent researchers in the biotech industry are working on producing several medicines and vaccines in Kenya as soon as possible. The scientists are today progressing the medicine and vaccines products plan in the U.S. The products will then go through clinical trials. The scientists have already signed an MOU with University of Nairobi to do the clinical trials in collaboration with the scientists at the University of Nairobi School of Health Sciences.

Last year, Dr. Shompole visited the Diaspora University Town site in Taita Taveta County to see the location of the plant. A plan is already underway that will have the Diaspora and Kenyans invest in the building and equipping the facility that will be applied in the production of the medicines and vaccines.

The Diaspora scientists have so far financed the most difficult part of financing the project. This is the intellectual capacity, technology and products development. The scientists are now inviting the Diaspora and Kenyans who would want to see Kenya have a medicine and vaccine research, development and manufacturing capability to invest in the building facilities.

Kenyans who look forward to benefit from these medicines and vaccines through healthcare improvement are equally excited. Diaspora Kenyans are every day joining the scientists through the 10,000 investments of Kshs 200,000 that will be applied in the building and equipping the facilities that will produce the medicine and vaccine products.

Those investing are not only looking to make a return in the multi-billion medicine and vaccines opportunity that is untapped; but are also committing to the benefits of having a production plant in a country. Most say that COVID 19 has shown that there is a need to have facilities and technology in a country. They say that countries who have the technologies have been working to produce vaccines after COVID outbreak. The first vaccines are already developed, tested and produced in barely 10 months since March 2019.

The Diaspora Kenyans scientist’s goal is to have Kenya start producing medicines and vaccines that will improve on the quality of healthcare. It takes decades before developing and producing vaccines and medicines says Dr. Endege who started this Medicine and Vaccine plan over 15 years ago. He says the technology is the most difficult to achieve. He is happy that they have achieved the technologies that will produce the medicine and vaccine products.

As part of the Diaspora University Town (DUT) project the Medicine and Vaccine products will have a ready market at the Diaspora University Hospital and Town. Dan Kamau who is the DUT project development director says that the goal to have a medicine and vaccine plant alongside the Diaspora University and Diaspora University Hospital is to also advance education and healthcare.

He says that through implementing integration and sustainable GDP growth budgets, the medicine and vaccine project will support and be supported by the hospital and the university.

Medicine and vaccines play a big role in the quality and life expectancy of people of a country. Today over 50% of people infected with HIV are in Africa. With the possibility of producing medicine and vaccine products that can prevent HIV infections and treat HIV this killer disease will be managed and eventually eliminated. Those reading about the products are welcoming them.

Ndara B Community Chairman, Benjamin Mwandaa, says that his community is so excited to be part of building the medicine and vaccine plant, Diaspora University, the new town and the hospital. He encourages the scientists to keep doing the work that will create thousands of jobs for Kenyans.


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