Major Madoka Welcomes Diaspora University Town Jobs Creation Project

Major Marsden Madoka has served Kenya since joining the Kenya military. When part of Kenya Army he would serve as the aide de camp of President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya first president. He has been in the private sector where he worked at Kenya Breweries Limited. He has served as Member of Parliament (MP) representing the people of Mwatate Constituency in Taita Taveta for two terms. He has served as Cabinet Minister in different ministries. He has served in government organization boards recently serving as Chairman of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and Kenya Port Authority (KPA).

In two meetings he has met Ndara B Community Chairman, Benjamin Mwandaa; Taita Taveta County residents and Diaspora University Trustees. Major Madoka in both meetings welcomed the ongoing Diaspora University Town project for development of a Town, University, Medical Hospital and other Small Medium Enterprises. He promised to help the project achieve the goals, especially the goal for creating jobs in Kenya and in Taita Taveta for the young Kenyans.

Major Madoka was informed how in September 2014, President Uhuru Kenyatta when addressing the biggest gathering of Diaspora Kenyans in Boston challenged Kenyans to create jobs for Kenyans. He learnt how the Diaspora answered this call and started working on the jobs creation plan.

The Institution Town Development Plan for Jobs Creation would be submitted to the County for approval in accordance with Kenya Constitution 185 (4) that reads, “A county assembly may receive and approve plans and policies for— (a) the management and exploitation of the county’s resources; and (b) the development and management of its infrastructure and institutions.” The plan was approved.

Ndara B Community Chairman informed the Major that once the community received the plan they liked that the plan would create jobs, build a university, a medical hospital and other projects. The Chairman said they were happy the Community approved that the project be done in their Community land. He said he is happy the project will benefit the Community, residents of Taita Taveta and Kenyans with jobs and knowledge.

Today millions of Kenyans remain jobless. This is depicted by the growing number of Kenyans becoming hawkers and lining up in the roads to sell products to moving motorists. There is a need to create jobs in other sectors. There is also a need to create jobs through development of new planned Towns so Kenya can also achieve an environmental sustainable settlement plan as Kenya population increases. Currently Kenya population is estimated at about 50 million and is projected to grow to 90 million in next 30 years.

Major Madoka on his part promised to do what he can to progress the project forward. He liked that the project will also be part of President Uhuru Kenyayya Big 4 Plan of: housing, healthcare, food and growth of SMEs. He thanked the Diaspora for this work.

David Kitawi – a Taita Taveta County resident, a strong supporter of the project and a friend to Madoka – who was present in both meetings, said he was happy that his friend and former Member of Parliament continues to serve Kenyans and continues to progress the growth of Kenya.

Dr. Wilson Endege who is progressing a plan on the establishment of a Medicine Production Plant next to the University was happy to hear that Major Madoka welcomed the project. He said the Diaspora look forward to working with leaders who support jobs creation. Those who had gone to the Diaspora in the 1990’s and before in search for jobs came to know Major Madoka when he served as Foreign Affairs minister 2000 to 2002.

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