As Chairman of Ndara B Community and Diaspora University Trustee I welcome you all to this Environment workshop.
Visitors from Diaspora, Nairobi and Other parts of Kenya welcome to Voi and to Taita Taveta County.
National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), Director General Team welcome.

My fellow residents of Taita Taveta. Welcome.

We are here today to progress the Diaspora University Town project that our community is founding with Diaspora and other stakeholders.

Our Community is happy to be founding this new Town and University so our rights can be met and those of future generations.

1. Diaspora.
I thank Diaspora for coming with this project. Our brothers and sisters abroad have so much to offer us. We should encourage them to bring back resources home.

2. Constitution Rights
We all have rights. We require food, houses, healthcare and others. God created us with hands, brain, legs so we can achieve our rights. No person should deny others rights.

3. Jobs/Work
We achieve our rights. When there are no jobs we lose our rights. It is important each day one does something. This plan creation of 20,000 jobs in 5 years means 20,000 persons rights met.

4. Land Use.
We should use our land productively and leave a better country.

5. Environment
As we develop let us observe the environment.

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